Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Wed Night In MITS!


7 Free Traffic Methods
MITS always OVER delivers and everyone that attended got to see and hear about 10 Free Methods! Why?! Because MITS teaches (it doesn't sell, teaches), you by example. Always offer value that no one else is giving. 

Have a Post-It note with, "I fired my Boss!" on it. Place these notes on the ATM where it can be seen but not interfere with using the ATM. Put in nice restaurant bathroom, place on a shopping cart in Target, on the Top of the gas pump where you get gas, on the umbrella pole of the eating area outside of the fast food place you go to, and even at the local Car Wash (if you use one). Now some people will be curious, "how did they fire their Boss?". This is a lead magnet so for all those curious about your notes will look up your Domain. Have some value there, a little about your offer but the key here is getting those curious people to talk with you. So one the Domain page there should be a place where they can sign up to find out "how you fire your Boss" which will allow you to collect their info and a "Call Me if you want to Fire! Your Boss Too!".

That's your value for today, later I should have Part II of your Keyword Training done. So I'll be sending you a link for it.

Until next time, your friend Glenn!

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