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Tips for Digital Marketing Professionals and Small Business Owners

What Investments Have You Made Recently Into Yourself (And Your Business)?

What is the last product, program or book you've bought for your professional life? There are an infinite number of these items we could spend money on to improve our business, and every day we're made to feel like we're "missing out" by not having the latest and greatest. I try to be conscious of what I buy, not only to watch my finances, but to assess how much time I'll have to learn, absorb, and implement.  

Want a peek into the back end of my business? Here are the last 5 investments I've made:

1. The Art of Earning - an ebook by Tara Gentile
2. Quick & Easy Keyword Optimization - an ebook by  Karon Thackston
3. Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing by Lee Odden
4. Optin Skin, a premium WordPress plugin designed to increase email subscriber rates
5. A premium 3-month online marketing starter mastermind group

So I'd love to know - what are the last 3 things you've bought to improve your business, or that you've invested into for professional development?

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My SEO Secret: I Don't Do It All

I have a secret that I'm going to share with you. Not many in the SEO professional community will readily admit to this, although most are in the same boat as I am. What's my secret? It's that I'm not an expert in all areas of SEO. In fact, as the SEO space continues to evolve and blend into other aspects of Internet marketing and inbound marketing, this trait is held by more and more so called "SEO experts." 
These days--especially for solo SEO service providers like myself--being an expert in and a technician of all aspects of SEO is nearly impossible. I have noticed that more and more, developing specialties within SEO is the way to go. For instance, did you know that SEO is comprised of all these areas?
  • keyword research
  • creating linkbait content
  • linkbuilding 
  • SEO and social media
  • technical SEO
  • SEO and blogging
  • enterprise content strategy
  • video optimization
  • Google Places 
  • local SEO
  • mobile SEO
  • content creation
  • SEO copywriting
I, for example, offer client services, teach, and consult on SEO basics, keyword research, SEO blogging, and on page optimization. Although I try to be as knowledgeable as possible about SEO in general, I don't provide client services in all of these areas. However, I do collaborate and team up with specialists in these different areas or refer out business as needed for various client projects. 


Your Turn to Weigh In:

I'd love to hear from you about:
  1. What "SEO specialties" or niches you have
  2. What you think about this growing concept of specializing within SEO

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