Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Rapid casch Traffic

When you stop and think about it... this is a no brainer! But did you ever stop to think about it? Less than 0.1% of internet search traffic involves people spending money. In other words 99.9% of traffic is useless! Let me put this another way because... once you understand this next sentance... you will be scrambling to hit ADD TO CART 99.9% of Internet traffic is totally worthless... People doin the "searching" are not even close to spending a dime. Think about that for a moment... When YOU are searching for something, anything, are you about to spend money? Didn't think so! But imagine those very few times when you are searching to buy something: you are about to spend... This action places you in the 0.1% of highly profitable traffic... Spending Traffic. That 0.1% of traffic represents ALL spending on the planet... $ Billions and $ Billions of dollars... From just that tiny 0.1% of traffic. The traffic that represnts $105,702.94 monthly paydays in your ClickBank Account... The very traffic that Rapid Cash Traffic software will bombard you with all day long... This "click and set" software will even do all the thinking for you and decide where to send it in order to see those massive ClickBank paydays... [Valid Atom 1.0]

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